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Microsoft Give Carshow

Every year the Microsoft Corp. has a month where they encourage employee charity giving. Microsoft has an amazing matching gifts policy - they will match dollar for dollar any money, time donated (factored @$25/hour), or securities donated to a charity up to $15,000.00 USD. This allows people to double the impact of their gifts up to that amount. I've never worked at another company with as generous a giving match as this.

There are several events that the company promotes giving through during the month. One is the car show. It never disappoints because there are a lot of car geeks at the company - everything from goofy old vintage vehicles, modern supercars, muscle cars from the 60s, etc. comes out for this. This year there were > 130 attendees and all entry fees went to charity.

My Favorites...

Jon Shirley's Ferrari 1949 166 MM Touring Barchetta:

My Bentley and Simon's MG:

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