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EmptyMet Tour of The Met = Do it.

If you ever wanted time in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) without the hustle and bustle of other art patrons milling about you - this is the way to do it. Look up "EmptyMet" on google - it is sold by a couple different tour companies and is an opportunity to experience the met almost empt - basically the security guards, a tour guid and a set of 10-20 other people who also bought that tour.

It is so silent, so wonderful.

If you have a tendency towards auditory or visual overstimulation due to a processing disorder (autism spectrum or other) and want a chance to experience the experience without being triggered through over stimulation this is your best bet! This was worth every dollar!

A link to one of the tour companies offering this tour: here.

Gallery showing places you'll NEVER experience this empty:

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