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Troy, NY - Acacia

It was great to meet up with one of the Acacia Leadership Consultants since we managed to cross paths in our travels. The fraternity pays these guys (a meager amount) to go and help each of the houses they visit just a bit better each time they visit.

They try to spread best practices between chapters and really help the officers of each house understand they can call national if there is a problem they don’t know how to handle. Remind them to network with other chapters to talk through the problems you are having and share ideas. Call out to the alumni. Support the brothers in the house that need it (grades, substance abuse).

They review progress from last visit, help define scope of roles and continue to iterate towards success for them each indicidually and as an organization - especially finances, recruitment, and philanthropy.

It is a lot of hours on the road for them and I really love seeing th e impact they can and do make. Rock on CJ.

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